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Trade and entrepreneurship are the backbone of a country’s economy. If a country, a state is to develop holistically, it is important to develop the industrial sector there, to have a market, to have the necessary tools and raw materials. Today, India is making significant progress in trade, with Maharashtra playing a key role. Today, due to many positive policies of the government, entrepreneurs and professionals in the state are trying to innovate and are also having great success in it.

The Corona Crisis has brought uncertainty to trade and business in the country and the state. Factories and shops have been set up in some areas after giving conditional permission to small and big businesses, but it will take time to start the market in full fledged.

Interstate businesses have some time to recover from restrictions on transportation. The Prime Minister of our country, Hon. Mr. Narendra Modi and Maharashtra Chief Minister Hon. Mr. Uddhav Thackeray is handling the situation very responsibly today and there is no doubt that his efforts will soon be successful.

Many successful experiments were carried out by the manufacturers, traders and service entrepreneurs in the state during this period. The lockdown has turned middle-class consumers into online shoppers, and many small businesses have begun to look for ways to grow their business online, through web sites and social media.

Today, First Maha Mart will definitely play an important role in accelerating the business of millions of professionals, entrepreneurs, service providers who want to bring their business-products, services to the masses.

First Maha Mart concept

First Maha Mart is a global marketplace, designed with all components of the business world in mind.Where local manufacturers, professionals will reach the right customers and customers will also reach directly to manufacturers, traders, service providers.

In First Maha Mart, customers will get information about manufacturers, entrepreneurs and traders who supply goods, products and services at reasonable prices, details of goods, prices and contacts, and producers, professionals will get information about customers with contact number who is interested in product and services and their current requirement. Having direct contact will greatly benefit consumers and professionals, entrepreneurs, service providers. First Maha Mart will be available to entrepreneurs and consumers in the form of web portal now and soon it will be available as mobile applications.

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First Maha Mart Brochure

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